Friday, April 5, 2013

Reclaimed Desk Chair

Hi Everyone,

I know its been a while since my last post. Winter time is busy for me at work.  As the weather warms up I am back again looking for projects.  I was at my favorite pickin' place The Guerra Ranch and I stumbled upon this old chair.  I asked my father in law about it and he asked why I wanted that chair.  I told him that Ryan needed a chair for his desk.  How could he say no it was for his grandson.  It was in pretty rough shape
I thought about just putting a clear coat on it but my son did not think it was such a good idea.  So I went ahead at took on the task of stripping the paint off.  I decided to try a new product to strip the paint off.
The product worked well.  I never have used a spray on stripper but it was very easy to use.  As I was taking the paint off I decided to rehab the structure of the chair,  it was a little shaky.  As I was taking off the seat top, it broke.  I was pretty upset.  But that just gave me a opportunity to use one of my favorite tools made by KREG. I was able to use my KREG JR. to make the pocket holes since the seat top was too big to fit inside the original KREG JIG.

I reassembled the chair and finished the stripping process.  Yeah it was a bit messy but the end product reveled the awesome yellow paint that looked original to the chair.  But of course my son wanted to to match his desk.

I Started painting the chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite to match the desk. 

It took a few coats but the end product was amazing.  Instead of using wax to seal the chair, I went ahead and used some spray on Minwax Polyurethane.  I have used this product before and got great results. 

 The finished chair came out great.  My son was happy to finally have a chair that matched his desk.  I have to give special thanks to the best pickin' spot ever The Guerra Ranch.  The products are great and the price is always right.


aka  " The Shabby Chico"